Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to Have Your Book Featured on the Kindle Daily Deal

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Hello, my lovelies. For the readers of my stories, I love you all and will treasure you always, but I’m afraid this particular post is not for you. It’s for the inquiring minds of a few indie authors who I’ve heard pose the above question.
Thanks for dropping by anyway, though. Here—have this picture of
an adorable baby hedgehog as a thank-you gift. 
I was feeling industrious the day I last heard this question and decided to do a little digging. Google was unhelpful (a sign of the apocalypse?) so I contacted Amazon about it. The response I got wasn't very encouraging—kind of bureaucratic really—but I figured I'd share the response I got anyway:

"I checked our records and it appears you don't have a KDP account with titles published. For KDP titles, I'm sorry, we're unable to add books into the Kindle Daily Deal section of our website. We'll be sure to consider your interest for this feature as we plan further improvements.

On searching our website, I noticed you have two Kindle titles, "Mermaids and Butterflies" and "Cerberus: Book 1 of Parish: A City of Solace Book." However, it appears that these titles were published by your publisher through a different channel than Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Please contact your publisher directly for assistance for any issues concerning these titles."

So that's that. Authors who have published e-books with Amazon cannot at this time be featured as a daily deal. If you've published elsewhere, though, your publisher may be able to negotiate something with them.

I hope that helped at least a bit. KDP authors may want to send their own inquiries on the topic. Maybe a bit more “interest for this feature” will further influence their plans for improvement.